Our company

Not only do we trade fuels, but also provide shipping services. Our fleet help us to transport all sorts of materials.

Logistics became a new foundation of gaining advantage over the market. Logistic concepts create not only the opportunity but also a requirement because trade processes are more and more complex and the need to adjust oneself to the market comes hand in hand with the need of lowering the costs.

The core remains, of course, providing ordered materials and products and delivering them on time to the target destination, nut also with appropriate quality and cost.

Raising importance of logistics stems from the necessity of being competitive on the market. Traditional criteria such as price stepped down and gave place to new priorities of quality, reliability, keeping the deadlines, consistency, availability and packaging. One of the key factors of competitiveness became appropriate and complex logistics of services.

I order to provide you with full service delivery, our team of qualified experts is here to help choosing the best option of delivery so that your order will safely come on time with no harm to the quality.

Cooperation with a number of shipping companies all over the world allows us to offer the best and the most economic solution for feedstock transport. Shipping services include rail shipping, car transport and transport by the sea.

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